Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bathroom Love


I love a fabulous, grandiose bathroom...the kind Vegas is filled with, the kind in movies, or in a center spread of Architectural Digest. Imagine my surprise when I found a "to die for" bathroom right here in my home town while spending the afternoon shopping at the Travese Outlet Mall. I stopped for my umpteenth daily bathroom break and fell in love! Let's just say it "had me at hello!" The large hallway type entrance, cool colors and crisp lines are just the beginning. Let's take a tour, shall we?
Don't you just love the rows of clean porceleain sinks in contrast with the brushed nickel paper towel dispensers and the wood cabinets? Not to mention the tile wall!
  I will be stealing this barn door look!

Ahh, the exclusive private toilette....dreamy
The detail in this tile reminds me of the whorls in fingerprints

A closer glance at the fab tile on the walls

I think I must have spent at least 25 minutes in this bathroom...and I am sure I will stop in again next time I am on the hunt for a bargain at the Outlets! Do you have bathroom love envy as well?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Murals, Murals, Murals

As an artist and designer I was so excited to have kids, as that meant another fun room to decorate. My son ADORED planes when he was little, so I decided to do his room in planes and trains.
Of course he grew up(against my wishes) & we moved, so I had a new request for room #2...snowboarder! Of course, other than a skateboarder what would a preteen want, right?!
Lucky for me, I still had a little one in the new house who was still obsessed with cars Lighting McQueen
And of course we couldn't leave the man of the house out! My husband does most of okay, okay 99% of the cooking in the house and with the new kitchen he wanted something to represent not only him but the beautiful mountains we had just moved into. So alas, his kitchen moose!
I really enjoy painting and it's super fun to make a room come alive with murals. I opted to paint directly on the walls, however, I have done murals on canvas for clients. All murals are done with acrylic paints. My favorite brands are Delta Ceramcoat as they have a rainbow of colors and then some. I really don't think there is a color they don't have. My other favorite is Americana by DecoArt, as they carry the classic, rustic colors...you know the colors you would want if you were restoring an old farm house? Hope you enjoy!
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