Hi guys-Jody here!
I want to share a little about me- I am a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful and crazy boys, 2 slobbering and ball fetching retrievers,one a golden (Milo) and one a chocolate lab (Magnolia Mae Bluebell) and 1 amazing husband. Being surrounded by boys and high energy dogs has taught me many things-especially that your beloved chair, statue, picture, table, hallway walls (insert your item here...) will get scratched, knocked over, cracked, or used as a raceway. Thus my redesigning, repainting, remodeling, recreating and over all re purposing began....all on a budget of course!
I have a degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University....and worked in the design field prior to having my boys. I would call my style a mix match of anything from Rustic to Vintage to Farmhouse.  I love everything from good lines and shapes, to fabulous colors and textures, as well as chalk, milk and spray paints! The hunt for old treasures in which I can breathe new life is my one of my passions! I also have a love obsession with bullet journaling,reading, gardening, and spending time outdoors, so you might see a blurb on the blog along those lines as well.
I hope you find a little inspiration as you journey with me down Magnolia Mae Lane!

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