Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chalk Paint Love

So I've had my Grandmother's desk for quite some years when my parent's passed it down to me. I have very found memories of sitting at this desk when I was a child. There was a red rotary phone that sat atop it and it is where my Grandmother kept her paper and pens for me to draw.

Sad to say, it had been collecting dust in my home and I felt as if it didn't fit anywhere, I tried it for a time in front of my big window with pictures on it (as you can see below) but I did not LOVE it. It was just, well, BLAH....


For a long time, I contemplated painting it but for some reason that felt sacrilegious! In my quest to declutter our home and simplify it became apparent that I either needed to breathe new life into this sentimental dresser or sell it. SOOOO, I busted out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and went to work! Here is the after! What do you think? I think while it updated the look, and was much brighter and cheerier (is that even a word?!)  I still wasn't in love with it in front of my window. It still hadn't found it's home!


Determined that I was now going to keep it after all the sweat I put into painting it, I dragged it all around my house until I found the perfect spot! It now sits in my hearth room and holds all the little Lego's, bouncy balls, and random toys of my boys that I pick up on a regular basis!

What old pieces of furniture have you re purposed lately?! I'd love to see them!!

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