Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall is in the air

The breezes are getting cooler, the leaves are starting to fall and football is on the big screen. Ahhhh, Fall. My favorite time of year. I love it even more so now that I live in the mountains...there is something magical about the crisp morning air and yellow aspen trees that makes my heart sing. Not to mention football. I LOVE football...always have, always will. It makes me weird to my girlfriends, yet pretty darn cool as far as the fellas in my family are concerned. When I am not busy dreaming about raking a big, fat pile of leaves and jumping in them I am busy decorating for fall! It's the "kick-off" to the best d├ęcor season ever: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then the touch down, Christmas!! These shots are of some of my current fall eye candy. I am in the process of making some cute DIY fall decorations and will post them up as soon as they are ready! What is your favorite season? Do you love Fall?
This is my DIY display box I made in the spring. It runs down the center of my DIY farmhouse table and I LUV decorating with it.

The acorns are the finishing touch.
I just adore these glitter pumpkins and gourds.

  Another Shot
  Pumpkin love

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